Get Stuffed.

Urban Cocktails

Some of you may know, but most will not know, that I once wrote a sex column for Fordham University – the College at Lincoln Center’s newspaper, The Observer. In fact, I created the column. Any naysayers can see my track record in creating college newspaper sex columns, because I had created one before – at a prior institution, though I wrote that under a different name. Nonetheless, “Urban Cocktails” was much talked about and criticized by many.

There was a particularly racy piece that got me and the paper into hot water. I was not really prepared for negative attention, or the name calling, outward display of disgust towards me that I received from said piece. I had a sort of falling out with the paper you can say, and later on when the scandal was used against me, I lashed out, blaming them for a lot of the problems. I might have even called one of the new writers (yes, it was taken away from me partially after the incident even though I was the creator – I was -) a slut.

The thing is, even though I wrote about sex, my columns had a base to them with a stronger message. Each piece was about something – not just a did this guy and then I did this guy as the column morphed into after it was snatched from my hands. In part, I was upset about this particularly becuase I had been faulted for writing about sex candidly and so when others took over and really wrote about sexual exploits leaning towards the smut, I was hurt and angry.

Well, that was a long time ago and some apologies were made. But the fact remains that I did something that no other person had done. And though they wouldn’t print this in my good bye piece (they actually altered my ending to something totally different than what I said and what I meant) – my final thoughts on the matter, and words to those who would write the column after me, came from the ultimate Diva herself, Cher: “Follow this you Bitches.” You know what? No one could!

As a treat, I am going to post a few pieces that ran just so you can get a flavor. I hope you enjoy.