Get Stuffed.

Toy Story

I am up to my eyeballs in toys. Old toys. From my childhood. I never threw any of my toys away because they meant the world to me. I didn’t have many friends being the fat kid, and we all know my brother was/is a total ass, so I spent most of my time with my toys and creating imaginary worlds. I will attribute this to my ability to write and create stories. That and being raised on soap operas. Don’t shun. They’ll be a post about that soon.

In case you were wondering why I am rummaging through the toys, it is simple. After almost 30 years it is time to say farewell to them. BUT!!!! I am not throwing them away – well some of the lesser ones. I have a friend who wants to relive his childhood because his parents made him give all his toys away in yard sales and whatnot. Now he wants them all back and baby do I got em!

Ninja Turtles, Terminator, Karate Kid, Thunder Cats, He-Man, She-Ra (his sexy sister), Super Heroes, almost every toy based off a Saturday morning carton, Ghostbusters and so, so, so much more. You name it, I probably have it.

Sorting through them and trying to get them in related batches has been a lot of hard work. I have gone through 3 storage tubs and I know that there are more somewhere. I know it. On top of this I have also been going through my old YA and kids books. These I am shipping off to my good friends at Backlist Books in Ohio (see other posts). But there are some I’m not sending. Mostly the odd ball books that I think I will just donate. Anyone really into the original 90210? I have a handful of paperbacks geared around the show and its stars. Hit me up. I am also selling off on the cheap books about writing. Anything you may be interested in, drop me a line and it’s yours. Just tell me how to reach you if I don’t already know.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am slowly attempting to kill off my past. I think this will be a good thing. Especially since I need more space for the future. And besides, I want to end up on Oprah because of my books, not because I hoard toys!

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  1. You have all the same toys my kids had! Do you know that He-Man fitted Barbie dresses really well? He looked great in them too. We have stored all the toys boxes. My question is-why are we storing these toys and not them?