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The Knitting Factory???

Many of you may know, but most of you will not know that I am a Masturknitter. Yes, it’s true. I knit, a lot. My most accomplished structure is the scarf. I really have no need for anything else i.e. caps, blankets, baby booties. I find knitting a way to channel some of my creative energy. This is good because I end up creating scarves that are really works of art. Sure I can knit a “traditional” scarf, but I can also go all out and blend multiple yarns, fabrics and materials into something truly amazing. (Look there’s one around my neck. I promise to post some more pictures soon. )
However, I feel it is time to share my craft with the rest of you and the world. Would you like a scarf? Something fun, crazy or classic?? Then why not commission one from me?!!! The cost would depend on the design of course, what has to go into it and the time it would take to create. But just think, you’d have a scarf all of your very own hand crafted by me. Now how can you go wrong with that???


  1. I’m trying to level up my knitting skills so that I can knitt myself a pirate flag.

  2. God says:

    Can wifey get one for free??