Get Stuffed.

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I always found books to be such a personal gift. And what could be more personal than erotic literature? Why not spice up someone’s holiday with my collection of gay, erotic short stories? These tales are guaranteed to please. Take a look at what the reviews are saying:

Erotica by Brian Centrone (New Lit Salon Press)“Let’s Talk About Sex” was not a particularly good song. The lyrics were inane and the music was more thump than bump. But the song was popular. Heck, it even hit number one on the charts (well, at least it did in Switzerland). What Salt N Pepper lacked in talent, they made up for in smarts. Anyone who has ever watched an hour of primetime TV knows the irrefutable truth that SEX sells. Capitalizing on this simple marketing principle, Brian Centrone has crafted a series of short stories, peppered with illustrations, to create “Erotica.” Too much of anything, including sex, is usually a bad thing, but Centrone develops strong characters and engaging plots to carry the story. Centrone is determined, but not reckless with his writing. Scenes are graphic, but not pornographic. The well-written descriptions feel natural and, like great sex, the pacing of each story gradually builds to a climax that leaves the reader satisfied. Unlike other writers who tend to shy away from the subject, Centrone skillfully uses sex as a magnifying glass – a way to see the characters and their motivations more clearly. I thoroughly enjoyed “Erotica” and look forward to more from Centrone. – Will Freshwater, author of Favorite Son

There’s something for every guy in this! Timid or aggressive, young or mature, Centrone creates a kaleidoscope of experience that fits all moods. A quick and incredibly sexy read. – Adam Sass, author.

SO why not stuff someone’s stocking this year with Erotica? With seven stories for every sin plus art by Terry Blas, Alan Ilagan, luke kurtis, & Rob Ordonez, that special someone will truly enjoy a gift that keeps on giving. And as a special incentive, use discount code XK7D4L2T when you check out at Create Space for a 25% savings on the print edition!