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Review Roundup

Here are three reviews of An Ordinary Boy you may have missed.

The first review comes from John at MM Good Book Reviews. My favorite quote from the review is:

MM Good Book Reviews short“Have you ever wonder what would happen if Gossip Girl, Project Runway and Mean Girls would merge into one? Well, here it is.”

John later went on to add:

“…we get to see a new fresh voice for the LGBTQ community who is not afraid to try new things and lead us into a brand new world.”

I’m very appreciative of John’s sentiment.

The second review comes from Casey Ellis at “Tolle, lege!” Casey wrote a remarkably insightful review of my novel, one I know you like love reading as much as I did. Here’s a little taste:

Tolle Lege short“Mr. Centrone IS indeed focused on a particular kind of growing up, but he manages to be aware that it is not universal and yet still find the universal qualities about anyone’s coming of age.  The fact that he does all this and keeps the book funny, moving and occasionally exciting, is almost miraculous.” 

And if that didn’t wet your tongue, this surely will:

“Another phenomenal aspect of this novel is its treatment of gay characters.  As a gay man, I often avoid gay themed novels, movies and TV shows.  They frequently insist on portraying gay life in one, media-approved dimension.  Here, we finally get a look at the great diversity and variety among LGBT people.  Tom is as far from a stereotype as you can get and he is vastly different from the other men in the book who share his sexuality.  For young readers in particular, it will be affirming and liberating to read a book that avoids tunnel vision so well.”

I’m always excited when a reader “gets” what I was going for in my writing. This review excited me a lot!

The last review comes from Orion at Reviews by Jessewave, which is a major romance novel review site. I am really honored they took the time to read my novel, which is not a romance, and write about it with truth and without judgement. Orion, focusing on the end of the novel, wrote wonderfully that:

Jesse Wave short“Everything is not wrapped up nice and neat at the end, but that’s how the real world works. And this story is not about Tom’s romances but about his self-discovery. In that sense, the ending is quite satisfying. Brian Centrone’s writing is full of wit, and it is obvious that he put a lot of effort into this. If you enjoy a good coming of age story, this is a fine one to add to your collection.”

It was a real pleasure to read what Orion had to say.

Well, that’s it for the Review Roundup. If you missed any of these, please check them out and share them with friends, via social media, or by old fashioned word of mouth.

An Ordinary Boy is published by Seventh Window Publications and is available from these fine retailers.