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Review: Martyn Bedford on An Ordinary Boy

It really pleases my to be able to share this review of An Ordinary Boy by award winning author Martyn Bedford. Martyn Bedford was the man responsible for accepting me onto the MA in Novel Writing at The University of Manchester. He was my Tutor for the half the course and the mentor who told me that An Ordinary Boy needed something “more.” His words pushed me to find what the novel needed to succeed. For that I am very grateful. An Ordinary Boy by Brian Centrone

“For freshman Tom Grove, the ordinary boy at the heart of Brian Centrone’s extraordinary debut novel, coming-of-age and coming-out combine to make the complicated journey from adolescence to adulthood even more treacherous. Tom’s search for first love, and the mess he makes of it, is a story that touches all of us – gay, straight or bi – because we’ve all been there and we know how much it hurts. Centrone writes with honesty and clarity. He writes from the heart.” – Martyn Bedford, Award Winning Author of Flip and The Houdini Girl

Cheers, Martyn! For everything.  An Ordinary Boy is available to download as an eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other online retailers. Print edition coming soon.