Get Stuffed.

My Online Article Debut: Metrosource Now

“Boy” Accessory. Kara Laricks’ Hood + Scarf.
Photo by Sabine Mirlesse

I am super chuffed (very excited for all the non Brits) about my first ever online article, “For the Boys: Why Boys Love Kara Laricks.” This short 300 word article answers the question as to why so many boys love @KaraLaricks, a womenswear designer. The article includes snippets of quotes from both Kara and her male intern, Corby. The article also highlights “boy” friendly accessories  made exclusively by Kara herself, and where her male fans can buy those accessories. Many of you will recall my blog post on Kara Laricks, winner of Fashion Star, the opening post the day my revamped website launched. That post featured the accessories I had purchased from Kara, and how each item and correspondence came with her personal touch.

My original article for Metrosource ran 1000 words, but I was only allowed a max of 300. You can imagine the amount of editing that took place. The process ended up being an experience in focused writing. I had to purge a lot of detail and still hit on the main points so that the article made sense. Even more, I had these wonderful quotes from Kara and Corby that would have made any pull quote or sound bite leap with joy, but the quotes themselves totaled article length. I mulled over their wonderful words endlessly trying to decide what portion of their quotes would sum up the idea best, and also work best in the article. Web writing is very different than print or academic writing as everything you say has to be punchy, sharp, and to the point. I learned a lot writing this piece, and I look forward to contributing to Metrosource and other online outlets in the future. I think I will take this experience and turn it into a practical lesson on editing yourself, really understanding and knowing how to best use quoted material, and honing in on your point for my writing students. After all, is there any better way to teach than by example??? Check out the article and check out some sexy “boy” accessories hand made by Kara herself.