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July 1st is Brian Centrone Day

Here is the history behind Brian Centrone Day.

It’s Brian Centrone Day

OMG Everyone, July 1st was declared Brian Centrone Day by the fantastic Author Michael Thomas Ford! Read below to see why.

It’s Brian Centrone Day

10000 WORDS!

We’re 10% of the way there.

A huge thank-you to Brian Centrone, whose sponsorship brought us to this exciting milestone. Because he is the coolest person on Earth, Brian will be receiving the 10000-word gift bonanza consisting of a dollaraword T-shirt, a signed copy of the soon-to-be released paperback edition of my novel Full Circle, and a signed galley of my novel Changing Tides, which no one else gets to read until its official release on August 28.

Reaching the first 10000 words is terribly exciting. In fact, I think I just wet myself. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us, blogged about us, and spread the word about us.

Most exciting of all, we’re now halfway to our first $10,000 donation point. When we hit 20000 words, that first check will be delivered to the organization selected based on its work supporting writers and writing. You don’t know who they are, and neither do they, but I do. And if you want to make them really, really happy, you’ll help get us to 20000 words.

But right now, let’s party. Today is Brian Centrone Day. Lift a drink in his honor. Cheers!