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Interview with LGBT Author Brian Centrone

I recently sat down with author Brandon Shire (Afflicted, Listening to Dust) and spoke about my past as an erotic fiction writer, my next project, and what’s really going down in An Ordinary Boy.  Take a look:

Brian Centrone, Author

Brian Centrone, Author

“One of the things I like about your writing is that you don’t seem trapped in any particular genre. Any thoughts on that?

I’d like to think I am somewhat of a renaissance man when it comes to writing. I write what inspires me. Because of the gay erotica, a lot of my publications fall into the gay genre, but my other short stories like the three found in my mini collection I Voted for Biddy Schumacher do not. Not all the novels I write will be centered on gay characters.

You can read the full interview with Brandon Shire on his website.