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Interview: Get to know Brian Centrone

Here’s a sneak peek from my very first interview as an author where I talk about An Ordinary Boy, writing, and my love for chicken wings.

Brian Centrone Author Photo“In An Ordinary Boy, Tom seems to be lost with himself and where he fits into the world. What made you want to write about that type of character?

Primarily because I have always felt lost in this world. I never knew quite where I fit in, and I think a lot of people share that feeling. But I also wanted to highlight a side of gay culture we don’t normally see, and that is the side where ordinary gays have a hard time figuring out where they fit into the community. The LGBTQ community is full of subcultures that make it seem as if you have to fall into one or the other or else there’s no place for you. I think there are lot of LGBTQ people out there who think they don’t belong, and I want them to know that they do. There’s a place for everyone at the table. This is why I dedicate the novel to all the ordinary boys. The dedication extends to the ladies as well, and anyone else to ever felt as if they did not fit in.”

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