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Gnerd Plus: Brian Centrone

Hey everyone! Today I have a special treat for you. Last time I posted about being on the awesome Gnerd Podcast. I had such a blast. I hope you all enjoyed listening to me chat with Terry and Colin about my novel and pop culture. If so, then today is your lucky day as I have a bonus feature to share. Now, before everyone gets over excited, I have to warn you that this bonus, Gnerd Plus, as it is being called, features SPOILERS. If you have not yet read or finished reading An Ordinary Boy then stay away (For now)! But if you read the book, please proceed in listening in as Colin and I (Terry hadn’t finished reading the book if you recall) chat a little more in-depth about An Ordinary Boy, the novel’s ending, and what motivates some of the charters.

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Minisodes from the Gnerd Podcast


Hi! We’re trying something new (so to speak) this week. In our earlier episode with Brian Centrone, author of An Ordinary Boy, we were unable to talk about the later half of the book because Terry some unnamed people had not finished the novel. So after we recorded the main episode, Brian and I [Colin] talked more about with Terry an unnamed person out of the room. Fair warning, there are spoilers.

Naturally, we needed a new name designation for minisodes since they will not be a regular thing. Introducing: Gnerd Plus — Minisodes from the Gnerd Podcast. Enjoy!

Enjoy Gnerd Plus: Brian Centrone now!