Get Stuffed.

Clique, Clique, Clique

Last summer I attended the Summer Seminar for Writers at Sarah Lawrence College. It was a remarkable week of workshops, craft talks, and author readings. I met a lot of great writers, both emerging and established. I also got a lot of great writing done! My primary focus for the seminar was to workshop the first chapter of my second novel. I received very positive and helpful feedback from an incredible group of writers I now consider my friends. As a bonus to working on my book, I got the chance to develop new writing. One of which was “Ode to the Pop Culture Novel, Or Literary Cliques.”

This poem was one of those poems that comes to you in a fury! I woke up early on a lovely June day toward the end of the week and drafted an opus of a poem. The lines poured out of me, and all before breakfast! What can I say, I was inspired. “Ode to the Pop Culture Novel, Or Literary Cliques” speaks to the issues surrounding the division between “fiction” and “literature.” It concerns itself with both snobbery and hypocrisy through witty metaphors and similes and cutting imagery and rhythm. The poem, in fact, was a reaction to an exchange I had with a visiting writer at the seminar. I won’t go into detail about the exchange here. I’ll let the poem speak for itself.

What I will say is that I am beyond pleased that the poem found the perfect home in Volume 17 of The Offbeat. This sleek, creative, and, well, offbeat journal from Michigan State University is a delight to explore and discover. It’s one of my all time favorite publications, and I couldn’t be prouder to not only have “Ode to the Pop Culture Novel, Or Literary Cliques” included in the book but open the volume as well! If you haven’t discovered The Offbeat or “Ode to the Pop Culture Novel, Or Literary Cliques” already, head over to their website.