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Brian Centrone: New Writer, New Reader | Lambda Literary

When fellow LGBT writer Michael Graves told me he wanted to interview me about my novel, An Ordinary Boy, for Lambda Literary, I was honored. We spoke about the New Reader genre my novel falls into, the most incriminating thing on my cell phone, and the rise of HIV amongst gay youth. Take a peek:

Print Cover, An Ordinary Boy

Print Cover, An Ordinary Boy

One could argue that your novel falls into the new reader genre. Not young adult fiction, but not adult fiction. How do you feel about that? What do you think of this genre?

An Ordinary Boy was written with the intent to be the What Happens Next novel. I read a lot of YA fiction and what intrigued me the most was that everything was wrapped up in a neat little package by the end of high school. What I wanted to give to those readers of YA who were growing up and becoming new adults was the reality of first time independence, the messiness of young love and friendship, and truth about when and how we learn who we are and what our role in this world is going to be. I think New Reader or New Adult as it is sometimes called is an important genre as it bridges the gap that comes between teen fiction and adult literature.

The interview was featured in the weekly Lambda Newsletter as well as on Lambda’s homepage. To read the full interview, head over to

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