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Biddy on Kobo!

To celebrate the anniversary of  the publication of my mini e-thology, I Voted for Biddy Schumacher: Mismatched Tales from the Mind of Brian Centrone, New Lit Salon Press has made Biddy available on the Kobo e-reader for the very first time. In addition, Biddy is now priced at .99! If you have yet to read my collection of short stories, this is the perfect time to download the eBook.

Biddy has received 5 Star reviews from some of the best writers in the business. cover-with-quote

“With the fewest of brush strokes, Brian Centrone hauntingly crawls into the psyches of the characters he creates producing whimsical, absurd but deliciously relatable short stories.” – Arthur Wooten, author of Dizzy.

“Good things come in three, and so do Brian Centrone’s stories including in his newest collection, I Voted for Biddy Schumacher: Mismatched Tales from the Mind of Brian Centrone. Each story intrigues, delights and leaves readers begging for more. A short but eye-opening read, Centrone’s collection of shorts is the book one goes to bed with, at the end of the day.” – Alina Oswald, author of Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography

“This is solid, engaging stuff — the work of someone who clearly knows what he’s doing. I look forward to a novel-length work!” – Brent Hartinger, author of Geography Club.

This short, three story collection features original artwork from the incredible luke kurtis.  Download today for Kobo, or for these other e-readers.