Get Stuffed.

Back to Basics

I am finally back in New York and I am as excited as ever. Things have been busy since I returned. I had to update the house computer for hours and days because no one else has the sense enough to figure out how to do that – and of course, there is the little fact they no one really knows how to handle a computer aside from myself. Why, even today I was restoring some programs that went astray. Not fun. On top of that I have been attempting to make room in my overstuffed bedroom for everything I brought back from Ohio with me. Mainly books I picked up at Backlist Books. I am also in the process of continued redecoration. It’s always a challenge to figure out where to put all the new art pieces my friends in Ohio gave me as gifts. The challenge is fun nonetheless and I have come up with a great idea to a disappointing small mirror/large wall problem. Then there are the small things – car maintenance and bill paying and all that stuff that is not fun but time consuming. And finally on top of all that I am reading and writing. Back to serious work on my novel. Revisions are going okay, though I am not totally pleased yet and I want to go over the chapters I have been working on more closely. For a special treat, I am posting pics of what my work space looked like in Ohio when I was writing and also what I was looking out. It was very different to my normal writing environment, but I fund it helpful. Enjoy.