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Author Spotlight: Brian Centrone

For my most revealing interview yet, I open up to Indie Book Award winner Kergan Edwards-Stout (Songs for the New Depression) about the first story I ever published, the three most impactful moments of my life, and where I want to be in ten years. Here’s a peek:

Selfie! Brian Centrone

Selfie! Brian Centrone

“Aside from the nuns, what have been the most impactful moments in your own life, and how did those shape who you’ve become?

Like Tom in An Ordinary Boy, there have been many moments in my life that made me better understand who I was as a person and what I truly wanted in this life. One has to be losing my virginity at the old age of 23 in a London hotel room. I eventually turned that experience into the erotic short story “Mates” which became my first major fiction publication. That story started my career. New Lit Salon Press will be publishing a collection of my erotic short stories later this year, and of course, “Mates” will lead the pack.

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