Seven Stories for Every Sin.

Richly literary & sinfully sexy, Centrone crafts erotic tales in the tradition of great storytelling.
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Recent Work

The creative process is ongoing. As a writer of fiction, poetry and drama, I am always producing new work. Check out my latest projects as well as past publications.
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  • Erotica

    Erotica by Brian Centrone features seven stories for every sin.
  • We, the Jury

    We, the Jury focuses on the recent spate of gay teen suicides, and was particularly influenced by the tragic Tyler Clementi case.
  • An Ordinary Boy

    When Tom begins his first year of college, he believes he’s going to come out and start a new life...

The Sausage Factory

The Sausage Factory Blog started out as many blogs do, with an intent to reach out to the public and share thoughts, activities, and general randomness. The blog has since moved and will continue to grow as part of this website. Enjoy selected archived posts as well as new posts.
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