Seven Stories for Every Sin.

Richly literary & sinfully sexy, Centrone crafts erotic tales in the tradition of great storytelling.
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The creative process is ongoing. As a writer of fiction, poetry and drama, I am always producing new work. Check out my latest projects as well as past publications.
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The Sausage Factory

The Sausage Factory Blog started out as many blogs do, with an intent to reach out to the public and share thoughts, activities, and general randomness. The blog has since moved and will continue to grow as part of this website. Enjoy selected archived posts as well as new posts.
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  • The Play’s the Thing!

    What joy it brings me to announce the publication of my one-act play, We, the Jury, ...

  • Why the Costume Institute Matters

    Fashion and Costume is a real passion of mine. Readers of this blog will have seen ...

  • Sunday Shorts Interview

    Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with ‘Nathan Burgoine to chat about ...